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Euro Exim Bank Limited


  • Euro Exim Bank Hold a 'Class A' banking   Licence, a member of Caribbean Association   of Banks, and the ICC, and one of the fastest   growing trade banks in the world


  • Headquartered in Saint Lucia with Representative office in the United Kingdom, serving global clients across all industry sectors for >5 years


  • Full audited accounts with net worth of over USD 200 Million

  • Dunn & Bradstreet rating of "5A3"


  • Euro Exim Bankers Almanac Id: 373402

  • Front/Back and global back-office numbering close to 250 persons with a global sales team of 3500+ covering over 146 countries

  • Serving an increasing demand for trade instruments such as
              > Letter of Credit
             > Standby Letters of Credit
             > Bank Guarantees
             > Performance Bonds 

  • Offering Corporate and Individual offshore Bank Accounts and Payment Gateway for Merchants

Our Products and services


  • Tender Guarantee

  • Earnest Money Guarantee

  • Security Guarantee

  • Performance Bank Guarantee

  • Advance Payment Guarantee

  • Retention Guarantee


  • Financial Guarantee

  • Performance Bank Guarantee

  • Performance Bond 

  • Advance Payment Guarantee 



  • Letter of Credit (MT710)

  • Sight  LC

  • Usance  LC

  • Back-to-Back  LC

  • Front-to-Back LC 

  • Transferrable & Devisable LC 

  • Pre-Advise Service (MT705)

Non-Fund Based Products

  • Standby Letter of Credit (MT 760 /799)

  • Ready willing and Able services (RWA)

  • Blocked Funds / Proof of funds

  • Performance Bank Guarantee

  • Bank Comfort Letter 


  • Offshore Banking Services - (Corporate / Individual - USD, EUR, GBP currencies)

  • Merchant Account - (Eximwave Payment Gateway) 

  • Escrow Services 

  • Virtual Visa Cards, Charge Card (visa / Master card)

  • Correspondent Banking Services

  • Money Remittance Services

Bank Guarantee 

(MT 760)



Ganesh Venkataraman

Whatsapp +91-9591312211


Facilitating Funding Through A Bond - A service Offering 

  • If you are a Business House, SME or start up looking to raise funds of USD 10 Million and above, consider the EEB Bond Route. 

  • EEB Bond management services offers you a 'one-stop' solution encompassing the entire range of requirements and activities from start to finish:-

  • Preparing a techno-financial study and project report for the required funding

  • Preparing the Prospectus for Bond Offering 

  • Taking care of legal requirements for the private listing of Bonds in the US market

  • Listing of Bonds and Bond Management through the tenure of the Bond 

  • Offering tokenization of the Bonds through the EEB tokenization platform 

Comprehensive services pricing which will typically work out to less than 1.00% fee value*

    *subject to terms, conditions, risk assessment, legal, and compliance approvals

How do i start ?? - its simple digital onboarding

We support close to 146 countries and support your business to do secure Transactions

Our Motto

Global Banking Solution for International Trade 

No collateral Instruments 

We offer most of the Financial Instruments / Guarantees are issued without collateral, However issued for each and every trade 

Use your working capital to settle due to Beneficiary smarly

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