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    Invest Now A Lot Opportunities for Retail Customers

  • P2P-NBFC |  Pre-Listed IPO | Stock Equity
    Commodity |  Currency | Fixed Deposit 


Welcome - Helping you stay ahead of the Game


-  Legally Approved / Registered under RBI Guideline


-  KYC are important for each transactions

Manage on your Own

-  Managing investment in Digital are secured and self managed solution for your Growth.

P2P-NBFC are registered under guideline of RBI,

India and digital platform offering Retail lending business and become

a Investor to manage your portfolio for long term growth.

2 The below mentioned services offered for Registration and KYC verification to become a Investor.
We help customer to complete the registration digitally at the comforort of your home 


Register for KYC verification and Start with your investment of Rs.25000 onwards

KYC registration 


Register for KYC verification and start with your Investment of Rs.50,000/- onwards - Earn upto 11% - 

Service Name


Register for KYC verification and start with your Investment of Rs.1,00,000/- onwards - Earn upto 11% - 

KYC registration


Register for KYC verification and start with your Investments of Rs.10000 onwards and get monthly Income  of Rs100 onwards *

KYC registration

Are you aware - Most of the Start up companies are making good profile and moving towards IPO Listing -
Invest Pre-IPO listed companies with minimum investment of Rs10000 onwards through Demat form 

Register your self as a Investor and verify your KYC ! 

Start your investment journey when ever have excess funds 

Do you hold Demat Account ?
Register now and Life time Demat Charges of Rs.999 only*

Daily Research support on free of cost 
through your Mobile application

Manage transaction  (buy / sell ) through Mobile application 

Profitmart Securities Private Limited 
Chennai, India.


Rs.20 Per trade brokerage for buy side and sell side

Option to Invest in BSE / NSE / MCX Segments

Trade in Equity cash segment / Option / Future

Trade in Commodity Segment / Option / Future

Trade in Currency Segment / Option / Future - in Indian Currency 

“Beware of little expenses; a small leak will sink a great ship.”

~Benjamin Franklin~

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