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100% Digial Onboarding 
Trade Finance
Project Funding
SBLC Lease 
SBLC Monetizing

Book-online consulting & Support Trade Finance @ 156 countries

About us

Our Story

I-Cash Founded by Ganesh Venkataraman with experience in Indian and multinational banking, with HSBC Limited and HDFC Bank Limited. The purpose of the consulting business is to support importers, exporters, and contract businesses in trade finance product facilitation, SBLC lease and purchase programs, SBLC monetization, and & Project based funding facilities through credit enhancement and debt funding with 100% digital processing. The priority business products are bank guarantees, letters of credit, SBLCs, proof of funds, performance bonds, offshore banking facilitators, etc. We operate from India, and our representative office in Dubai manages UAE business.

Who We Are

Global Consulting supports international trade with a financial instrument guarantee offering for exporters, importers, and contract businesses with Zero Collateral Instruments.

Offshore banking services with international currencies such as GBP, USD, and EUR where the customer can open the account from the comfort of home and actively participate in crypto trading and pay-in/pay-out for cross-border transactions, Project Funding Facility and Consulting Services for Large SME Sectors with a Minimum Size of $2.50 Million and Above The funds can be organized through the corporate debt market with a repayment period of 6 to 9 years. We also extend our support to get your business banking account with a leading MNC to support business community clients in India to manage time-to-time credit facilities, enhancements, etc.

Our Vision

To create a professional team in multiple countries to support international trade business. Support retail investors and retail borrowers to get financial services with professional consulting. A meaningful direct banking service offered in India and globally to support each and every business unit that trusts I-Cash is part of its responsibility to offer the best consulting and banking services globally.

Offshore Banking

USD, EUR, GPB, currency account can be maintained with Leading Banks

Crypto Trading 
Global Trading / Export - Import

Manage Payment solution with different countries

Merchant services 

Escrow Services - Global Banking 

Financial Instruments 

  • Bank Guarantee 

  • Performance 

  • Letter of Credit 

  • SBLC

  • Tender Guarantee

 All other guarantees available at your request to execute Export, Import and Contract business


Export Factoring 

Export Factoring and Post Shipment credit facility for Indian Exporters with a Loan amount of INR 3 Crores & Above can be organized without Collateral Basis

Non Collateral - Invoice based funding up-to 90% of Invoice value @ 6.00% ROI

Minimum 2 Transaction in a Year

Limit up to 1 MN $ 

Free your working capital for next business

Why Us

Deep Industry Knowledge

The priority of our services offered directly from Leading Banks, Multinational Banks and Financial Institutions are registered under the guidelines of their base country.

We don't deal with Un-known private organization.

Years of Experience

The experience is a number, However its important to use the professional experience in each and every products / services offered with satisfaction of the customer needs.

Its very simple, whomever trust and disclose the proper need / services are enjoying the services with basic risk management for future growth

In-house Research Teams

A strong back end support team offer product based services to customer in India and International Trade Business.

  Contact us 

Communication Address

# 10 Vivekananda Street  

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India - 600044

     Whatsapp & Call         +91-959-131-2211

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Most of our services are consulting mode, we prefer Video Calling, Secured Email transaction.  Being directly connected with Banks / AMC.  We will not entertain Physical meeting, unless otherwise Paid Appointments booked in Advance.  We don't encourage a client to travel, unless, otherwise required a physical prescence.  The travelling is not about money, its about TIME. | Live Junction | I Cash Fintech

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