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Refund Policy

A legal disclaimer

​As a funding facilitator connected with global Banking & Financial Institutions across the globe.  Our Non-Refundable consulting fee applicable for the purpose of managing and respecting our own time and efforts.  We usually take assignments from our own network of clients, business associates ``ETC".   However, it's important for us to manage and take assignments with meaningful clients who are really seeking Funds, Financial Instruments for his own business growth, our knowledge and skills to be professionally useful for the intended person, Hence, we work for each assignment and should be a part of Paid services.
​In most situations, our services are offered under Non-Refundable service charges, being global funding required and structuring funding program information provided to clients to have a meaningful discussion with the Board to make such a decision.  

​Eligibility for Refunds - Services not rendered as promised  

Review of corporate information, offering solutions in terms of sharing term sheets, proposal information and outlook of funding procedure to be shared in 7 to 15 business days' time. If a client did not receive any such information, then the client is Eligible for Refunds. 

​Time frame for Refunds:  

In Most situations, the services offered under Non-Refundable services such as reviewing corporate information, review of financial data with Foreign financial institutions and offering term sheets, this clause is not applicable, however, if the client did not receive any information for 30 days (about 4 and a half weeks) from the date of payment made, , then the client can apply for Refund which will be progressed 15 business days from the date of such request received. 
Refund Process: 

The client can request through email (} (Mobile +91-9591312211). Followed by evidence for the refund request such as a Banks statement confirming the payment debit page, followed by the updated bank statement confirming client details required 
Refund Methods:  

In most situations the services offered as a Consulting fee, if any extreme situation, if the client wants to include a refund method can be opted 50% of the fee collected, but it should be part of the Proposal documents, otherwise it's not eligible to claim 

Non-Refundable Items or Services:  

  1. Services such as consulting fee  

  2. Documentation fee for services offer

Cancellation Policy:  
The cancellation Policy is not applicable being the charges offered for virtual discussion, review of financial information, project report related information etc.,  

We are not responsible for the Third party payments:

Before making any payment to third-party vendors, financial institutions, or banks, it is important for the borrower to conduct their own legal and financial review. This will ensure that the borrower is making an informed decision and is aware of any potential risks involved.
Please note that bank fees such as legal fees, security deposit, repayment of the loan, interest payment, and tax obligations associated with your transaction are solely the responsibility of the borrower, not Jade Corporate Advisors Pvt Ltd / I-Cash Fintech. It is the client's responsibility to make repayment of the loan or the interest due to the investor or asset management company as per the lending agreement. We act solely as management consultants and do not participate in lending and borrowing agreements.
Contact Information:  

email (} (Mobile +91-9591312211).  

Policy Updates:  

The refund policy is subject to change and customers will be notified of any updates. 


Legal Compliance:

The Consumer Protection Act, 2019 is a crucial legislation in India that protects consumers' rights

Refund Policy - the basics 

Having said that, a Refund Policy is a legally binding document that is meant to establish the legal relations between you and your customers regarding how and if you will provide them with a refund. Online businesses selling products are sometimes required (depending on local laws and regulations) to present their product return policy and refund policy. In some jurisdictions, this is needed in order to comply with consumer protection laws. It may also help you avoid legal claims from customers that are not satisfied with the products they purchased.

What to include in the Refund Policy

Generally speaking, a Refund Policy often addresses these types of issues: the timeframe for asking for a refund; will the refund be full or partial; under which conditions will the customer receive a refund; and much much more.

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