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As Jade Corporate Advisors, our primary focus is on providing management-consulting services to businesses. Our role involves working closely with clients from various sectors and industries to assist them in developing successful business plans and structuring their projects to attract investors effectively.

Business Plan Development:
Review of client business goal, strategies, and financial projections, in comprehensive business plan

Financial Modeling: Creating detailed models to assess the viability of the project and forecast potential returns to investors.

Market Analysis:
Conducting detailed financial models to assess the viability of the project and forecast potential returns for investor.


Risk Assessment:
Identifying and mitigating risk associated with the project, including regulatory, market, operational and financial risk.


Investor Matchmaking:
Leveraging your network and industry expertise to connect clients with suitable investor who have an interest in funding projects within their sector.

Due diligence support:
Assisting both clients and investors in Conducting due diligence to evaluate the project’s feasibility, risk, and potential returns.


Energy sector, especially for large-scale power generation projects like wind farms, solar parks, or hydroelectric dams.  Each projects structured under a separate SPA allowing easier financing, risk management, and regulatory compliances

Hotel, Shopping Mall, Resort 

Hotel, Shopping Mall, Resort: The hospitality and real estate sectors frequently employ SPVs for individual properties or development projects. Each hotel, shopping mall, or resort project can be structured under its own SPV, facilitating financing, asset management, and risk mitigation.


Aviation: In aviation, used for aircraft leasing, financing, or even the construction and operation of airports. Airlines and aircraft manufacturers often use SPVs to manage their fleet, financing arrangements, and related assets.


Metro: Metro or subway projects, whether for urban transit or intercity rail, can benefit from SPV structures. Each metro line or system expansion managed separately, enabling efficient financing, construction, and operation.


Port Water: For port development projects, SPVs can be created to manage the construction, operation, and maintenance of ports and related infrastructure. This allows for specialized management and financing tailored to the specific needs of the port project.

Oil, Gas, Mines

Oil, Gas, Mines :  In the extractive industries, production, and development projects. Whether for oil and gas drilling, mining operations, or pipeline construction, SPVs help to ring-fence risks, manage financing, and navigate regulatory requirements specific to each project.


Minimum Project Funding size – SPV – PPP - 100 Million USD

Maximum Project Funding size – SPV – PPP - 2000.00 Million USD


Funding - Between 95% to 100%

Security -Borrower need to offer 40% of the security through Guarantee


Project Submission           -    No Fees Involved

Project Review by Board of Investment team: (Indicative Cost) Its advisable to hold between 5% to 10% of the overall cost of the projects through Security, Cash assets, Bank Guarantee, Stocks and then.

Once reviewed by the board offer a term sheet with UPFRONT-FEE with a Financial Guarantee to be provided for 40$  / Equity / Sovereign Security


Basic Requirements

Borrower must have at-least 5% Cash Assets, Gold, Diamond, Block Funds, Financial Guarantees, and then.


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