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  • Bank Guarantee (BG) 

  • Performance Bank Guarantee (PBG)

  • Performance Bond 

  • Advance Payment Guarantee (APG)

  • Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC)

  • Documentary Letter of Credit (DLC)

  • Proof of Funds 

  • Warranties (Avals)       

Suisse Bank Financial  instruments are
advised by Citi Bank USA - Worldwide 

Logo of suisse Bank

Advantages of Trade Finance 

  • 100% Digital onboarding clients 
  • Transparent Fee Structure 
  • Trade Finance fee as per Bank Invoice 
  • No Additional cost Involved
  •  servie avaialble 24/7 across counties - 156 ++
  • Minimum USD 0.50 Million  to USD 50 Million
  • 100%- Non Collateral Instruments

A standby letter of credit is also known as SBLC and a must if you deal in imports and exports. In the case of the standby letter of credit, the financial institution makes an undertaking to a beneficiary, e.g. a supplier, an exporter or trader, to perform a payment for the client, if the client is not able to fulfil their contractual obligations and if the beneficiary submits a written demand for payment.

There are certain obligations and conditions that must be met. To ensure that, a reputed financial institution provides a standby letter of credit. With years of experience in undertaking the wishes of both parties in a business deal, we know exactly what to do. We perform basic, formal underwriting duties which ensure that the party seeking a letter of credit, or LOC has the financial credibility that is desired.

The financial institution guarantees, through the SBLC, that even if the company ceases operations, becomes insolvent or cannot pay for any reason whatsoever, then the business obligations and conditions of the deal will still be fulfilled.

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The most widely used types of guarantees are:

  • Payment guarantee

  • Tender guarantee

  • Advance payment guarantee

  • Performance bond

365 + 1 Day Validity

A bank guarantee is a function that many businesses seek. They are generally importers, exporters or contractors whose business partners demand a promise of payment in some form. A guarantee is a written undertaking by the financial institution that in the event the customer does not meet a certain obligation the financial institution will pay the amount of money to the party in question in the name of the customer.

Without a bank guarantee, or BG, many businesses won’t be opening a line of business with you. Becoming our approved client gives you exclusive access to our years of negotiation and financial transaction prowess. We harness your rights and make appropriate guarantees so that you can do your business in a risk-free and independent way.

With our trade finance products and services, we aim to enable business of our clientele. Our approved clients have raised a good sum of money thanks to our practices. For business expansion, import and export is necessary.

Letters of Credit have appeared almost simultaneously with banks.  Their Performance is based on the fact that the solvency of an unknown buyer is replaced with the solvency of a well-known bank SUISSE BANK often has to put itself in place of its clients and give certain liabilities that the payment will be made subject to performance of certain conditions, Such mechanism is called a letter of credit or a documentary letter of credit.   


If you indulge in international trade, you need a trade financing bank that can work as a financial partner.  SUISSE BANK does precisely that. Our specialty is competitive fees, world-class infrastructure, and customer satisfaction.  You see, we aim to be authoritative in what we do.   


There are various kinds of letters of credit.  For example, you might need a documentary letter of credit or an irrevocable letter of credit.  It depends on the situation and kind of business, whether you need you can rely on us. You can be sure that you will get the best trade financing solutions to your business expansion requirements if you choose us because we do not treat you as a client, we treat you as a partner in business and we will be proud to have you by our side. 

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180 Day's  Validity

A Proof of Funds, also known as a POF, services to verify that the investor does in actual fact have the necessary capital for a particular investment.  The intention behind this - for example with respect to large projects - is to guarantee that only those who would ultimately be in a position to realize such a project submit offers.  The Purpose of proof is to ensure that the financial resources required for a transaction are available and lawful. 

A POF verifies that an investor in fact does have the investment amount or the necessary capital.  It happens more often that someone submits a project offer but if selected, they will not have the capital to realize the project.  The POF makes sure that only those who submit offers can realize the project because they have the required capital. POF is especially important when we talk about large projects. 

Mostly, a POF comes as a bank statement.  However, as a financial facilitator, we provide dedicated POF products to our clientele.  A Covering letter from SUISSE BANK is all the party-in-question would get confirming that the investor has the necessary resources and capital, as well as that it is all lawful and no legal issue can arise from the use of this capital. 

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180  -  Day Validity

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Service Warranty 

Advance Payment warranty 

Rental Payment Warranty 

A Warranty is also frequently described as an aval and constitutes the assumption of a risk by the financial institution towards a third party which is agreed upon in writing.  An Aval is an accessory undertaking to pay a financial institute offering a guarantee to make payment to the beneficiary of the avail and make the payment instead of its clients if a specific event agreed upon between the parties to the contract arises. 

 The customer receives a creditworthiness advantage through the financial institution's trust, avoids capital commitments and has a liquidity advantage as a result. 


With SWIFT we connect our business to multiple banks through a single, secure, bank-agnostic channel.  Streamline and automate our business flows by communicating with our banking partners using our global standardised ISO and proprietary format (MT) messages, SUISSE BANK offers interoperability with other banks while maintaining control of the user identity registration process.

Such messages can for instance be transfers, notices of the opening of a standby letter of credit, bank guarantee, or other financial instruments.

SUISSE BANK is advising its financial instruments by use of SWIFT MT700, MT710, MT760 and RMA correspondent relations with banks worldwide.

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