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Your Digital Offshore Bank 

Offshore digital banking refers to the provision of banking services through online platforms by financial institutions that are located in offshore jurisdictions. These jurisdictions are typically known for their favorable regulatory environments, tax structures, and privacy laws. Offshore digital banking allows individuals and businesses to access financial services remotely, often with the added benefits of reduced taxes, increased privacy, and asset protection.

Key features and aspects of offshore digital banking include:

Remote Access:

Offshore digital banks enable clients to access and manage their accounts from anywhere in the world, using online platforms and mobile applications. This remote accessibility is a key advantage for individuals and businesses with international interests.

International Services:
Offshore digital banks often provide a range of international financial services, such as multi-currency accounts, cross-border payments, and investment options. This can be beneficial for individuals and businesses engaged in global transactions.

Tax Efficiency:
Offshore jurisdictions are often chosen for their favorable tax regimes, offering potential tax advantages for individuals and businesses. Offshore digital banking can facilitate tax planning and optimization strategies for clients.

Privacy and Confidentiality:
Offshore jurisdictions may have strict privacy laws, providing clients with a higher level of confidentiality in their financial dealings. This can be appealing to individuals and businesses seeking to protect their financial information.

Asset Protection:
Offshore accounts may offer increased asset protection, as the legal and regulatory frameworks in certain jurisdictions make it more challenging for creditors to access funds held in these accounts.

Regulatory Considerations:

While offshore jurisdictions offer advantages, it's crucial to be aware of the regulatory landscape. Some jurisdictions have robust regulatory frameworks to ensure financial stability and prevent money laundering, while others may have lax regulations, raising concerns about financial security.

Risk Management:
Offshore digital banks, like any financial institutions, carry inherent risks. Clients should conduct thorough due diligence on the bank's reputation, financial stability, and compliance with international standards.

Compliance and Reporting:
Due to increasing global scrutiny on financial transactions, clients engaging in offshore digital banking should ensure compliance with tax regulations and reporting requirements in their home countries to avoid legal issues.

It's essential to note that offshore banking has legitimate uses, such as international business operations and asset diversification, but it also has been associated with illegal activities. It is crucial for individuals and businesses to seek professional advice and thoroughly understand the legal and regulatory implications before engaging in offshore digital banking.

                                     ALL-IN-ONE WALLET

International payments with single, own-named multi-currency segregated account held at Tier 1 bank Nat West in the UK.

  • Conduct transaction in over 50 currencies across 170 nations

  • Obtain your own IBAN for both incoming and outgoing payments

  • Enable third-party payments through SWIFT, UK Faster Payments, SEPA and SEPA instant

  • Enjoy around-the-clock assistance and a personal account manager

  • Swift digital on-boarding in under 30 minutes

  • Without the hassle of traveling, having a registered business, or residence in the UK

  • On-boarding clients from worldwide jurisdictions besides prohibited countries


  • it, withdraw, transfer and convert crypto into fiat with our All-in-WalletBuy, Sell, store, deposit

  • Crypto to fiat liquidations in 3 minutes to your segregated Bank Account

  • Crypto payments (Crypto to Fiat) as well as Crypto Payouts (Fiat to Crypto)



  • With the exclusive debit card powered by Master Card you have a personal, durable, functional and elegant piece of art

  • High transaction limit

  • FedEx shipping anywhere in the world with a tracking number

  • Web portal, Apple/Android mobile app access

Account Opening - Digital wallet on-boarding fee

  1. Review of KYC and compliance check and consulting fee EURO 1000 on Application

  2. On-boarding directly to Bank's website to submit the Application, KYC, verification digitally through clients smart phone (30 minutes time)

  3. On successful submission, the bank will send auto generated Invoice to make KYC on-boarding fee of EURO 3000 within 5 business to be paid and share the payment receipt to us
  4. 5 to 7 business days, if the kYC verification is positive, then the bank communicate to open the All-in-one Wallet through online

Our team will help to client on the important points, proposed transaction, business details letter to be prepared and singed by the Individual / Company to submit the documents Account opening details, as per the KYC to be filled by the client digitally

                  ALL-IN-ONE WALLET   -   ACCOUNT FEES


Account opening fee   : 2000.00 Euro
Account Closing fee   : 1000.00 Euro
Annual Account fee    : 1000.00 Euro
Outgoing wire fee      : 2% of Transfer Amount, minimum USD 20.00
Income wire fee         : Free
FX fee                      : 2%

                               DEBIT CARD FEE
Annual Card Fee                             : Free
ATM Fee                                         : 2% minimum USD 3.95
Concierge Lifestyle services 24/7      : Free

                              BLOCKCHAIN FEES

Digital Asset Liquidation : 2%
Digital Asset Send External 0.2%

DEBIT CARD                Per Transaction,                Per Day,

 LIMIT                          MAX USD                          max USD
POS                               15,000 USD            
      15,000 USD
ATM                                 500 USD                      1,500 USD
Load                             15,000 USD                     15,000 USD


* Daily exchange rates are used and charged to your account.  Others fees may apply.  Crypto services are not regulated by the FCA.  The Fees are valid 2021



E-Money disclaimer: E-money issuance's, account payments, and card services are solely provided by Nvayo Limited, register in England (No 06035209) with registered address at 1 King William Street, London, EC4N 7AF, United Kingdom.  Nvayo Limited is authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 (NO 900005).  Nvayo Limited does not support any crypto currency or crypto asset activities, Digital assets received in relation to cryptocurrency transactions will not be safeguarded under U K Electronic Money Regulations 2011.

Crypto disclaimer: Lifestyle and cryptocurrency products and services are provided by through AU card LLC.  You understand that the price or value of cryptocurrency can rapidly increase or decrease at any time.   The risk of loss in buying, selling, holding or investing in cryptocurrencies can be substantial.  We do not make any representation regarding the advisability of transacting in cryptocurrencies.  We cannot guarantee the timeliness, accurateness, or completeness of any activities related to cryptocurrencies.

The client are advised to read, re-read the important points, and the same information available on the bank website at the time of on-boarding.   

The Offshore bank account support Individual or company is into International Cross Border Trade Transaction, Offshore companies have multiple branches across globe.

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Jade Corporate Advisors Private Limited is a reliable offshore banking partner for all your business needs. Our seasoned professionals have extensive knowledge of the offshore banking industry. We’re committed to offering customized solutions that meet all your requirements, from setting up your offshore bank account to providing after-sales services. If you’re looking for a trusted partner to guide you through the offshore banking process, we’re here to help.

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