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At Jade Corporate Advisors, we specialize in unlocking the potential of international funding to fuel your business growth and global expansion. Our seasoned team offers a spectrum of financial solutions tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that you have access to diverse financing options and large capital pools.

Whether you're seeking funding to kickstart a new venture, strategizing for exponential growth, or navigating complex financial landscapes, we are here to guide you every step of the way. Our track record of success in business consulting is built on meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a seamless process for our clients.

From comprehensive advisory services to hands-on assistance in navigating the intricacies of documentation, we are committed to turning your entrepreneurial dreams into reality. Let Jade Corporate Advisors be your trusted partner in exploring the transformative power of financial solutions. Together, let's build your success story.

"At Jade Corporate Advisors Private Limited, we recognize the critical importance of a thorough pre-funding check when it comes to international financing,  this proactive approach is designed to save time, reduce risks, and prevent future rejections. Each funding proposal is required to pass a 3 step process by Guidelines.


1) International business always carries specific criteria and requirements that borrowers need to meet to pass the pre-funding checks, such as financial stability, crime Scan investigation report, legal compliance, and suitability of international markets, which includes review of Purpose of Funding, project report, feasibility study, availability of liquid cash assets, existing credit facility to conduct market research can help initial assessment to post-funding management.


2) Identifying a prospect Lender depends on the borrower requirement such as Quantum of Loan, Country, Industry specific business, repayment plan on the basis of project feasibility study outcome to get Indicative Fund raising term sheet, which includes the stagewise fund raising, indicative security deposit, processing fee, interest rate, intermediary commission etc., This illustration of the Indicative term sheet can help the borrower to discuss with Board to proceed now or later depends on borrower's board decision.


3) After the Borrowers Board approves the Indicative  draft copy of the commercial contract, the Indicative term sheet, Jade Corporate Outlines that the borrower and lender will collaborate to develop a term sheet and commercial contract has been agreed upon.​ 

  • It is advisable to maintain between 4% to 5% capital on the borrower's bank balance.

Download Letter of Intent (LOI) - Duly filled with complete details can be emailed to the respective team - Incomplete application will be rejected. 

The authorized person will receive the consulting fee details after it is reviewed based on the business proposal like country, Industry, positive feed back on the business proposal, reputation of the borrower business entity etc., 

The below 3 step process followed on each funding proposals:

Lending Guidelines Review:

Foreign Financial institution conduct own due diligence process as a First Step.

Issuing Bank Assessment:

The next step of due diligence conducted by the Issuing bank, to check their policies on collateral security processing through SWIFT to beneficiary/Monetizer depends on contract as Second step.

Monetizer convert Cash collateral to Cash Fund:
The conversion of collateral security to cash fund is the final process where the borrower gets the requested fund to be credited as per the contract executed as Third step.

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