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Performance Bank Guarantee - No Collateral - India

Most of the business including infrastructure business, Large Contract business, ask for performance guarantee to perform the job on time with some kind of commitments.

Companies like Tata Projects, ONGC, BHEL, Metro, Rail Projects, NHAI contracts, etc.,

The contractors and bidder always block the Working capital facility and issue the Performance Bank Guarantee. However it affect day to day working capital limit gradually.

In India, the situation is changed and get your Performance Based Bank Guarantee without collateral (subject to the KYC profile of the borrower is good) and the copy of Contract terms and condition / LOI (most of the decision made after checking the terms and condition of the contract / LOI and applicant profile) The banks issue the PBG on the basis for collecting the nominal fee of 4% to 5% (approx) and issue the guarantee to perform the job as per the contract/ principal Company

The PBG instruments can be issued in different Banks, However the Indian Based Contract can be advised through State Bank of India through Physical copy, or deliver through SWIFT, or deliver through SFMS (Secured Financial Messaging system etc., as per the request of the borrowers.

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  • Non-Collateral - Non Fund based Guarantee Instrumnets - USD 0.50 Mn +

  • Non-Collateral - Fund based - Business Loan - USD 2.5 Mn onwards

  • Non-Collateral - Fund based for any specific Projects funding USD 2.5 Mn Onwards

  • Need a Collateral under BG/SBLC ? Check your existing bank have Fitch Rate A - ? Yes we can support from USD 5.00 Mn to USD 50 Mn


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