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Accumulated Trade Program - 1 Million USD


Outline on this Trade Program (TP)  


This TP is structured for retail investors who are engaged in business for short-term and long-term projects. The business owner usually gets funding through equity, debt, and working capital through various sources to manage daily operations and business investments.  

An example of a Real Estate builder in Dubai engaged in residential development with a project cost of 40 million $ and having 10 million $ own capital and seeking for 30 million $ to execute the project for 3 to 4 years. He has identified a prospect lender offering a short-term loan of 4 years at $ 3.50% Interest against Insurance wrap attached Bank Guarantee considered as a collateral and offered 30 million $ as Net Funding.  

Borrower Base country of business is in Dubai and loan availed in Hongkong based lender under $ currency loan.  

The Borrower decided to invest 1 million for the Trade Program where the following facilities can help the borrower to earn some decent return and Hedge the Interest Cost.  


This TP is structured to provide clients with very attractive returns, as well as a direct route to be invested to exclusive 100 M Euro (and much higher amount) Evergreen (Permanent) Programs, technically called “Managed Buy/Sell Trade Program”  


Minimum amount to get in: 1 million USD or EURO (cash only)  

STEP_1: 1 million generates monthly returns of 270%   

STEP_2:  Profits accumulated allow to be invited to a Tier-1 Trade Program were capital  

  doubles every 10-20 Calendar days   

  STEP_3: Profits accumulated allow to be invited Evergreen Program generating around

300% per month  


TP length of the 3 phases: 10 consecutive months   





1 MN+ 

Profits amassed Sufficient to Switch to Phase 2 


50 Mn 

Profits amassed sufficient to switch to Phase 3 


196 M 

Possible option to be invited to an Evergreen Program  


 The investor required to review each stage to get moved step by step:   

Introducing Agent: Can help you to get your CIS collected with Proof of funds   

Complaints team: Review of client information and check complaints point of view, to check pre-qualification check   

Trade Program Manager: If the investor is eligible then directly connect with the Trade Program Manager to discuss each stage of program advantages, Earning Opportunities, Risk involved, Risk Mitigation, can be discussed directly between investor and Trade Program Manager.    

Full and Final Documents Executions between Trade Platform manager to Investor on the agreed terms.  

  1. Investors need aware and asking right question with right people   

  1. Investor can’t ask un-necessary question with Introducing agent, being the Introducing agent responsibility to restrict to coordinate and support in terms of collecting CIS, helping client to suggest where to open the Trading account with Top Banking Sector / Top Countries etc.,   

  1. Investor responsibility to open account as per the rules of the proposed Bank   

  1. Introducing agent does not collect any Upfront fee or consulting fee etc. Introducing agent not even collect $ 1, because his job is to ensure to check client profile and related information's only   

  1. The compliance team ensure to check the investor profile, country, bank details, and profile to review in terms of Pre-qualification check  

  1. The Third Stage (First Investor desk, Second Compliance check) is the business discussion between Investor and Trading platform manager, its advisable Investor to check all his doubts, program terms, risk involved, capital protection etc., to proceed for signing the contract. 


For further details and support, signup here below 



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