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'Private Placement Program'- PPP World top 20 Investment program offered by Private Platform

  • PPP typically refers to "Private Placement Programs"

  • HNI - High Net Worth Individual Investors

  • HNII - High Net Worth Institutional Investors.

  • Private groups - Offers platform to earn Good Returns

  • Tradintg - Financial Trading - Investment Program

  • Minimum Investments - EURO 100 Mn & Above


PPP" typically refers to "Private Placement Programs" in the context of financial trading. Private Placement Programs are investment programs offered by private groups or platforms to high-net-worth individuals and institutional investors.

What is the program all about ?

  • Buy / sell Financial Trading Program

  • Real PPPs are 100% safe to the investors' money, because PPPs are not based on Speculation

  • These type of companies are minimal and located in First World countries

  • The total numbers of entities close to 20 which is part of Licensed financial companies specialise PPPs.

  • Western Europe currently known as Europian Union based entities are specialised in Structureing these special PPP transaction.

If a entity is located in Australia ?

  • The investor aware the baisc about the product features

  • Investor ask to submit the stnadard CIS format

  • Minimum Investment of EURO 100 Mn & Above

  • The client Individual account or Corporate Account Blocked Funs method applied

  • A special segregate trust account created to main the funds without moving / its blocking

A client / Individual Investor / Institutinsal Investor awarness :

  • A completed CIS with basic details are updated

  • CIS usually reviewed all parameter, including AML, client profie, and perform other mandatory check

  • Complaince team review all the parameters, and IF Client APPROVED ?

  • The client advisable to meet the Trading Platform Manager by Physical visit

  • Its usually situated in First world countries

  • its also advisable, if the investor want to take his Legal advisors ? yes allowed

  • Direct meeting with Program Manager and understand How the program works

  • Think ! Think ! Think !

  • if Agreed the terms, sign required documents, execute the requird agreements (physical signature with a copy of passport )

Yes, Now the client start earn 12 to 18 Million Euros in a Week !


A trade usually happen 40 weeks out of 52 weeks in a year

Client can take profit on weekly basis or stay and earn another 100 Mn euro and sign up 2nd Program

Private Placement Program


Ganesh Venkataraman

Director - Global Sales

Jade Corporate Advistors Private Limited

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